Friday, 7 February 2014

First Teacher

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The first image which appears on your mind after reading the title is of your kindergarten teacher or the earliest teacher you could remember. Who taught you so many things even before you went to play school or kindergarten? A smile lights up your face, yes, your parents were your first teacher, the best teacher forever. I will come back to the last sentence, specifically to discuss forever.

As a parent, it’s a huge responsibility to be the teacher. There is no curriculum designed, no text books to refer to. Only thing which comes handy is the experience as child and seeing our parents. Parents play dual role as a teacher, one to support in the formal education, getting homework done, helping in studies etc. and the other one to prepare their children as a good human being.

Founding years are rigorous and both the roles need equal attention but as children start growing mature, focus shifts to the second role. No matter what constraints or lack of resources, every parent put their best efforts to fulfill every aspect of parenthood, equally of the teacher.
The point which I wanted to discuss here was “the best teacher forever”. There are two parts to it and will discuss one by one, first one is the best teacher and another is forever.

How can as a parent, we become the best teacher of our children. This gives rise to another question, best teacher for what? Teachers of life, courage and compassion. We as parent must teach our children to be happy, to enjoy life, to appreciate the boundless beauty around us. To be courageous to choose paths in life, that gives them satisfaction, that makes them happy. To be compassionate for fellow beings. Respect the nature, opinions and beliefs of others. They will be successful and will lead an awesome life. In contrast what we teach them, to be someone, to become some designation, we mould them for their future job profiles. We tune them to our unfulfilled dreams. We prepare them to be strong against our bad experiences of life. We embed the righteousness of life in their thoughts. We try to implant our life in our children. They are whole and perfect, they can create their life, and they just need assistance not molds.
Other part, to be forever their best teacher. Our life and our child’s life are different and both the lives are unique. If we try to map them and teach them with our experiences, we will create molds. These molds will not fit in some course of time and when they will start breaking it, they will no longer consider us a teacher.

A perfect teacher is one who identifies the potential of his/her student and helps him/her to enhance it further but does not try to create something which does not exist. If we walk along with our children in all paths of their life, sometimes holding their hand or sometimes just listening to them or sometimes by just being there for them, we will be their best teacher and forever too.

-Krishan B Chandak
MD, Pivotal


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