Monday, 10 February 2014

Flipped Classroom

In a classroom, typically a lecture is delivered or passages are read out or a concept is explained. As homework, students are asked to solve some problems or write an essay or some similar assignment. If I reverse these exercises, you get the model of flipped classroom. Students study the concepts using videos or some notes, prepared beforehand by the teacher. Student come prepared to the class with his doubts and teacher explains them and the activities or problem solving is done in the presence of the teacher.

There are two parts to education, teaching and learning. Every student learns or grasps the concept at their own pace, some can learn it instantly, some need it to be repeated a couple of times before they understand it fully. This concept is indeed a boon for majority of the students as they learn the concepts using videos and other content online at their own pace with the help of their classmates and/or the teacher. At the same time, students need maximum support when they are using these concepts and learnings to solve problems or applying them to some activity. In this concept this is the time when teacher is with them.

This model supports students:
  1.            They can learn at their own pace.
  2.            Parents can view videos and content and thus can support them.
  3.           They do not miss lectures even if they are sick or due to any other reason.
  4.            It makes students more responsible for their studies.
  5.          Better learning as they collaborate more with their classmates.

For Teachers:
  1. Teachers focus more as “Guide on the side” rather than “Sage on the stage”.
  2.  Teachers are more involved with the students.
  3. Saves time as do not need to take extra classes to explain some of the concepts.

·         In one case study, 75% of student stated they preferred lectures prior to the implementation of the flipped model. After implementation, 90% said they preferred the new model
·         In another case study, the state exam pass rate increased from 30% to 75%, including 9 out of 10 special education students
·         At Purdue University, they see 15% less Ds, Fs, and withdrawals in classes that are flipped

Krishan B Chandak
MD, Pivotal


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