Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Yesterday afternoon, I was passing by my neighborhood park, saw a bunch of children completely immersed in their creativity. They had found some sheets of thermocol and they were trying to create numerous things out of it. Somebody had cut out a revolver; somebody had cut out an airplane. I was not struck by their creativity but what stopped me was the stream of joy and happiness which was flowing there. Unknowingly, without effort I was smiling. I realized, smile does not need any effort.

Is there any science behind being happy? Is it an art to be happy? Should we master happiology to be happy. I thought this is a new word I have coined, Happiology, science and art of being happy. I reached home and googled to claim that I am inventor of this word. Google results took away all my happiness, Happiology exists and it exists as a subject.

Important is not my inventing this new word or Happiology existed as a subject.  How come children are so happy all the times, with momentary interruptions created by elders? How come they find happiness in useless sheet of thermocol which was most probably thrown away as waste? Why we elder are so serious and need reasons to be happy. When did we learn that smile is an effort and its required to look pleasant?

I strongly believe positive psychology or happiology, though both are not same and are two different schools of thought with same goal, should be part of school curriculum. I strongly believe at this point of time, the world needs to be happier than any other thing.  How obvious this statement sounds?

What is the last thing you did, just for the sake of happiness?